There is joy in imagining
The way your family’s home
Shuttered in the Nevada wind
The dreams that frightened you as a child:
Clowns with wicked appearances,
Of great white owls swooping down at you
Or of the tragic car accident
And of the field scene with your grandmother…
            All this time, I’ve neglected, you
            Have gone on and spoken
            You’ve combed your dark hair
            Tidying after intimate affairs
            You’ve smiled your swimming emerald eyes
            Made it seem as if you, for once,
            Might have truly felt something
For days passed into months,
Going on without a second thought
And I see I have fallen
It’s truly terrifying, as I realize
I have already given you my heart
While you still hide yours
These feels are approaching an end
As I remain surrounded in bed sheets
Watching, listening, waiting
Lying between the sharp draw of overkill
And the thin line of dismissal

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