When I was a child in Gallilee

There once came a man down from the sky

With only two arms and two eyes

He had a bubble about his head

With bright blinking stars around his neck

And when I asked who he might be,

He told me that I was to call him Cree

Confused, but mused, I went on

I asked, “but sir, why come to Gallilee?”

He hesitated before he responded,

Then told me, “young on, I have traveled,

From many skies apart

To try and find a certain world

That which I may give my heart.”

Then he smiled a wide-eyed grin

As he laid his had to the ground then stood

And looked around whilst holding his chin

Pondered over the blue trees

Paced around the orange dirt

Looked interested, then suddenly-hurt

“Child, let me ask thee,

What sort of air do you breathe in Gallilee?”

I chuckled, he choked, I answered,

“Good sir, all Allilieens breath,

Is the carbon given off by the blue trees.”

And with that, and a frantic shake,

The strange body crumbled in a quake

When he hit the ground, his face turned pale

And his breathing hindered, then became stale

In a rush, I went to his side,

The stranger called Cree… well, he had died.

I looked back at his ship,

It seemed stranded and dim

Now without captain, as it had belonged to him

But I see, without Cree, the ship is mine

So I took to it hurriedly, not wasting time

I jumped right in, and started to push in

All of these strangely colorful buttons

Then came a full roar, an engine’s din

I grasped a control, and began hovering

When a voice came from nowhere,

And gave me a bother:

“Engine’s ready,” it loomed,

“Preparing seals,” it taunted.

Oxygen filters opened.” Gauges fluttered.

And I froze, because as every Allilen knows

We breathe the carbon from the blue trees,

But it was too late, I fell to my knees

And so died the last man who tried

To escape Gallilee, and its prison of time


I wrote this on June 15, 2018, based off of a dream I had one evening when I woke up and had the first four stanzas stuck in head for the whole morning. I began to write additional stanzas and before I knew it the poem was leading off into its own direction and sort of completed itself. I have edited it twice since then but it has mostly retained its original form. It is, to me, a story poem; a human is out exploring the galaxy and comes upon a new planet that just happens to be a planet inhabited by imprisoned aliens. The specifics aren’t really there, I had to sacrifice some of the story telling in order to keep it a certain way that I would like it to. But the ending of the story is that the alien attempts to escape using the deceased human’s ship (who foolishly inhaled the toxic air of the planet thinking it was safe) but then is poisoned by the oxygen tanks on the ship before taking off.

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