Slipping naked skin into steaming hot water

Stepping into a room that smells of sweet vanilla

The loud crunch of untampered snow under feet in winter’s silence

Sleeping in a field under the noon-time sun

Sighing at the neighboring peaks of mountains

Fresh cerulean blue water carrying a salty breeze

Coming home after having been too long away

Laying in the dark awaiting the rise of the moon

And the way you look at me when you enter the room


Written December 14th, 2018. I am not one of the ones privileged enough to find that legendary-romantic love with another person in this world. I have accepted that (although it took a long time and was very difficult) and opted instead to try and find love in other forms, such as platonic love, love of nature, of love of adventure. Occasionally, however, I find myself stumbling upon these romantic connections with others; they often go away within a year, but I do cherish them for the feelings they give me. That gentleman who charmed me for two months might not be in my life years from now, but I can enjoy the time I am given to know him for the time even if our relationship never becomes intimate. It’s about the people, the joy of the connection, and the feeling of getting to share time with one another.


Being in love is by far the best feeling in the world, going hand in hand with being loved, and we strive for both. Some people never find love with another person, some find it with a single person, and then there are others, the one’s who experience a succession of great loves in their life. It hasn’t been determined which one of those I might find myself as, but in the mean time I am content enjoying little flirtations and admirations along the way. Meanwhile, I mettle in my other loves; poetry, art, music, and scenic explorations -they fill my heart with a unique joy that I have only recently learned to appreciate. It took a long time for me to learn to fall in love in other ways like this, and even more so I am still learning to extend this love and explore its many avenues. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy those little sacred moments of heart-racing alternative affections.

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