10 a.m. August 7th, 2018

There is this newfound love

Sprung in my chest

For I’ve caught my heart

Beating for that ocean’s jest

The will of the waves

The sway of the shore

And even the harsh breeze

Leaves me craving more

I find that my mind is most clear

When it is nearer to the sea

And be it large waves,

Small ones,

Cascading rains or dry falls

From thunderstorms

To shallow waters

None of it truly matters

For my heart is merely content

To be near the ocean’s scent

To witness its power and beauty

In form most magnificent

I do not worry that I might best it

But I know that I need to be near it

My heart belongs to the sea

No lake nor pond will do me well

Like the oceans sway and swell

I know myself better than before

When I’ve got my toes in the shallow shores

And despite the affair I’ve felt

With colorful mountains far and wide

There is something stronger here

For I can feel a reckoning

The tide is calling

And the ocean is beckoning


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