June 2017, Pinnell Mountain Trail

There is this settled emotion

When I am outside

Gliding over glacial waters

Trudging upwards towards colossal peaks

Stumbling over snow in the depths of summer

Drifting along the enchanted evergreens

Wandering above the alpine like

I can feel my heart stream ambivalence

Utterly lost from touch of humanity

I leave society behind

Such essential separation is overwhelming

For I am no longer a single person

But an element

Another piece of the natural world

Forged in the harmony of the eternal

This short poem was written on the second day of a three day relaxed pace trek of Pinnell Mountain, in the White Mountain Recreation Area in Alaska. If you ever find yourself In the Fairbanks area of Alaska, try and make your way there to see the trail head and hike it if you have the chance; I recommend starting from Eagle Summit and ending at Twelve Mile Summit, but either way you’ll still be embracing some rapid elevation changes and rugged switchbacks. Personally, I’d avoid the hunting season (September time frame) as the area gets overly rowdy.

Head out of Fairbanks towards Fox, but hug the Steese/Highway 2 to the East and follow it for a few hours until the road turns to dirt. Signs guide the way fairly well, even if you don’t end up there you can soak up being above the alpine line.

Go on, get out there and live a little.

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