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The Road to Madness


I did not mean, to lend some hand…

In better wishes, you can come to understand.

‘That I never meant to walk him there;

In that I had my own pain   -my own payment;

he had not a thing to endure, and yet he begged for it-

-sought it, better-

‘as if it were some ‘cure…’

Bear me no more judgment as you come to hear, for –

I have pondered, even if he had felt any such resilience,

-as I had past to comparison, gone to bear.

He had argued in saying “I’ve had plenty my last glance,

-at a life to live, that might be worth nothing.’

And I did not think that such acknowledgement

-would warrant absolute verification…

I am so sorry, my dear… so regretful, in my truth,

For, yes, I may have led him there -obscurely,

But surely, my love,

I never saw him to it.

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