until we meet again

For one who prioritizes, above all things love – I must

Admit; I fear this relationship is coming to an end…

It’s akin to completing a lengthy, fantastic novel – With

Resentment to match the sense of accomplishment, the closing of

Bind; the acceptance that this will become another venture

Amongst the previous stories held, in a wandering mind – Yet

Now is more the time than ever, to finalize the realization – Be

Keen on the demand of a change of scenery, obliges me to give

Salutations, to my golden-hearted lover – The most difficult goodbye

Fairbanks, I’ll hold you in my heart forever as the place where I found myself.

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One thought on “until we meet again

  1. And farewell to you. I wish you well on every journey. You haven’t left my heart or mind a single day. I hold many regrets, my biggest one being weakness and cowardice. There is so much left unsaid I wish I could I take it all back. You will accomplish everything you set out to and I’m forever sorry I won’t be there for it. I love you deeply despite every action that said otherwise. I can’t explain what was happening. Thank you for saving me when I didn’t deserve it.

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