May 11, 2021 – Alt Romance

I am tired of the ways in which we regard all love and romantics

A famous poet once described life by the seasons while

Another yielded that only love granted life meaning

But these old, wise words come from distant generations

Our culture has changed,

            Old traditions been eviscerated

What not, if not, the passion of monogamous love?

This is no longer a question considered by modern occasions

Love many, love few, love thyself, love the new

But never give over to just one life-long love for another person

Not for fear of hurt, nay, but for the sake of application

This beautiful, wondrous emotion ought to be stretched ever outward

A fulfilled life does not entirely come from a single partner

It comes from the love of passions and expressions of such

You can love the daily doses, routines and transgressions

Such is the way of love, in granting joy and pleasure

Chase that which you brings you those, love them for what they are

Dance on mountainsides, seek out laughter

Make more friends than you can ever hope to remember

Draw ever closer the select which you find momentous

Love from deep within your soul and with all of you,

And always, always, dare to venture into the new

This life was meant to be loved in entirety,

To place an entire life’s worth of love in a single person

Is a renaissance dream turned to dust with new industry

Have your family, whichever way you chose,

be it with one, many, or even just you

But chase that loving that motivates your heart to beat

Love completely, love indefinitely

Love things, person(s), places, events – love it all

And more than anything, love who you are

And this wild, spectacular life you get to live

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