Woman: may I speak now?

“Mom-life” more like “stay-at-home-strife”

Yes, please let me be your “tidy, insignificant” wife

You told me my dreams were meant to die

            still the worst fact is, I let it happen

What’s a girl to do, society, when the push comes to shove…

What’s a lady to say, society, when there is no other way…

Darling, he’s your husband, he said he doesn’t want you to do that

But what is the point of the freedom dangled in my face,

            If you’re just going to pressure me the other way?

How can I be wrong, because I chose to keep my body strong,

            And not give him his way when I wanted to wait?

Why did we progress to give me the ability to chase dreams,

            just to send subtle messages telling me I am out of place?

For I am truly the fool, ‘lo world, for I have yielded my being

Not for weakness, not for pride, but for this concept of love

Which has possessed my bones to be weary of being lonely

The resources you offer me are fine, yes, thanks for the

            women’s assistance hotline, I’ll be sure to call

            is this the women’s shelter? I’ll be sure to go there

            how do I prove harassment for this restraining order?

I can’t wait until I’m away from him just to have someone else

Critique against me and say ‘why did you wait so long’ or worse

Ask me ‘why didn’t you just say no, stop’ and that unbelievable

Gurgle of ‘why did you even put yourself in this situation’ we all know

            the judge might underexaggerate any case I make

            because they’ll say I’m hysterical for having such reactions

            while the record this creates shreds my reputation

Be careful what you say around her, she’ll report you for anything.

Watch out for her attitude, she must have started her period this morning.

In that outside, we can see too much, we can’t respect her when she’s asking for it.

Ma’am, please sit down. Misses, please step aside. Lady, get out of my way.

O’ Women, ye of truer, gentler kind. See the subtle rewind?

Are you ready to be valued for your appearance,

            yet shamed for flaunting such pride of shape?

Are you ready to be condemned for having children,

            albeit criticized for failing maternally if you go corporate?

Are you ready to be shamed because you asked for equality?

            but still punished for not taking advantage of opportunities?

You aren’t allowed to ask for help, but don’t be “too independent”

You don’t meet standards, but you’re part of the problem if you try to

You must stand up for yourself, but never interrupt or speak “brashly”

You cannot call out inequality, but somehow must make this world open up

This culture is a sickness that fed me to a living contradiction

Where I can make no one happy without some form of loss,

            tell me I shouldn’t care what they think

Where I must endure shame if I try to break past it

            tell me I’m asking for special privilege

Where I cannot be who I want to be

            tell me – May I speak now?

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