Hello I am Maddy M. Lace, I also go by Little Bird or Malumce depending on the context. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. I wasn’t born here, but it is my chosen home so I will always tell people I am from here, even though I only just arrived here in 2014 as the result of a random decision to move to a place I had never been. All my life, I have made such sporadic, quick decisions that has resulted in a gruesome resume that screams ‘indecisive’ and leaves random hobby debris scattered about my home. The only constant in my life -the only thing I have ever consistently done- is write poetry. No matter where, when, or what I’m doing I will sooner than later be scribbling phrases and stanzas in my notebook or typing furiously into my phone to try and put ideas down before they get away. Yet, I had never considered sharing it. Until 2019 came along, full of misery and surprises and delights all the same, and everything from around me to within me changed and somewhere along the way I decided I did want to share this very personal and very vulnerable side of me.

That’s about it. Here I’ve been out on my own, floundering around mountains in this big empty state, rummaging about them looking for… for a thing. …I’m not sure what. Now I’m out to share the pieces I’ve managed to collect. Hopefully you enjoy them, and thank you for reading.


Instagram: @ares.centum